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TaijiQuan Jing by Zhang San Feng

Main image: Laoshr Damo demonstarting pushing hands or Toui Shou with me
Top: More Toui Shou
Above: Teaching the Long Form on a Lotus Nei Gong course; practising in the park; teaching on a Lotus Nei Gong course


The Cardiff class has a real friendly atmosphere and is made up of beginners and intermediate students, so you’ll be more than welcome. A typical class lesson starts with warming up and stretching, followed by relaxing through Sung breathing and aligning the body correctly. Bad posture compresses the joints and closes the energy gates, combine this with mental tension or stress and the Qi (life force) will not flow as it should, causing stagnation which can lead to physical illness over time.

Lessons mostly revolve around different topics each week such as Qi Gong, partner work, or form work. Maybe we'll practice the Ji Ben Qi Gong set (basic work), or the HunYuan Qi Gong set (mixed circle) or the Dao Yins sets (leading and opening). Another week maybe it's an emphasis on the Taiji Quan form or partner work such as Toui-Shou (push hands) or Rou-Shou (soft hands), and for the more experienced students, Taiji Quan Fa (boxing principles and applications from the form). But whatever the lesson is on, we always make a point of practicing the form which is the core of our study. <\/p>

TAO LU (Forms)
Yang Taiji Quan 37
Yang Taiji Quan 85

Ji Ben Qi Gong (Fundamental Qi Gong)
Wu Dao Yin (Five Opening and Guiding exercises)
Hunyuan Qi Gong (Mixed Circle Qi Gong)
Wu Qin Xi Qi Gong (Five Element Qi Gong)
Dragon Dao Yin ((Four exercises working with the spine)
Bagua Qi Gong (Eight Energies Qi Gong)

Stretching and conditioning exercises
Zhan Zhuang (Standing Postures)
Sung Tu Na (Breathing exercises)

Toui Shou (Pushing Hands)
Da Lu and Yin Yang Hands
Rou Shou (Soft Hands)
Martial aspects of Taiji Quan

Chan Si Jin (Silk Reeling)
Fa Li Jin (Manifesting power)
Daoist meditation
Daoist theory

My personal study that I may teach one day:
Hunyuan 24 (Hunyuan style)
Yang Jian 45 (Sword form)

Lotus Nei Gong hosts a number of courses throughout the year around the UK. Regular courses include; Nei Gong, Internal Alchemy, Taiji Quan, Toui-Shou (pushing hands), Taiji Quan Fa (boxing methods). All courses cover theory and practical work and are taught by Laoshr Damo or Laoshr Paul with help from the other teachers.

Please visit www.lotusneigong.com for more details on courses.

Splott Methodist Hall, Splott Road, Cardiff
Entrance on Habershon street, via middle side door (Please knock loudly)

Stacey Road Primary School, Stacey Road, Roath, Cardiff (Please ring buzzer)