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Class training 

At the Cardiff class you’ll be more than welcome. We are a friendly bunch and even though the atmosphere is one of serious study it is with laughter and a ‘light heart’. 

Classes for 2024



Oasis Cardiff, 69B Splott Road, Cardiff CF24 2BW

6.30pm - 8.30pm - £10



Cardiff Sports Clinic, 61 Whitchurch Road, Gabalfa, Cardiff. CF14 3JP.

Cost £30

To be held once a month on a Sunday from 10am-3pm.

The next workshop is on;


This class is suitable for everyone, however, it will better suit the student who is looking for a deeper understanding of the art of Qigong. My aim in setting up this class is to take a beginner through the foundation process of Neigong and for an intermediate student to further move through the various stages. This will of course depend on a student’s regular commitment. Please bring a meditation style cushion to sit on as we’ll be doing a combination of standing and sitting practice. Please contact me if you are interested in attending the next workshop.


Taijiquan every Saturday morning from 10.00am - 11.00am.


In the Taijiquan zoom class, we’ll be looking at the ‘principles of the style’ of Yang Taijiquan. Taijiquan is not just the form, it’s an important part but the real transformational work is via practices that develop the key qualities that should be contained in the form. That said, I’ll still be looking at the form, but of course people haven’t got the room at home to do lots of movement, so we’ll break it down into small sections. 

With all my classes, I don’t ask for the month in advance like some classes do. I recognise that with all the best intentions, other commitments will crop up from time to time and you won’t be able to make it to class, so asking you to pay an advanced monthly payment that’s non-refundable if you miss a lesson has never been my policy. If the ethos of the school is for you, then all I ask is your continued commitment to attend as much as you can.

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Private online teaching

If you want to study but don’t want to come to the classes or can’t make it that night or live at a distance, I can offer private teaching via zoom. Obviously my time is limited depending on my teaching schedule, but I will consider it. 

I can find a venue at a reasonable cost if you definitely want teaching in person. However, since the Pandemic, I’ve had to teach classes online, and I’ve started teaching a few private classes via this format which works rather well. Private tuition doesn’t have to be each week. It could range from once a week to once a month, allowing time for ’homework’ in-between.

If you are interested then get in touch via the contact page and I can look at my schedule and send you details of my costs.


I will be holding day courses in Taijiquan and Nei Gong/Qi Gong over the year (on weekends) at various venues around the Cardiff area. Having a whole day or a weekend to practise adds a different dynamic to your training and more progress can be made.



Taijiquan 37 sequence
Ding Shi (standing postures)

Taiji stepping and grounding

Wu Song Shen Fa ( five loosening exercises)

Zhan Zhuang (standing posture)

Ba Men (eight gates)

Quan Fa (martial drills)

Tui Shou (push Hands)

Qi Gong

Tu Na (breath work)

Yi Gong (mind work)

Ji Ben Qi Gong (fundamental energy exercises)

Wu Xing Qi Gong (five elemental energy exercises)

Song & Ting (release or letting go skill and absorption or listening skill)

Hun Yuan Qi Gong (primordial circle energy exercises)


Dao Yin

Wu Dao Yin (five pushing and guiding exercises)

Long Dao Yin (dragon pushing and guiding exercises)



Stretching and conditioning exercises


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Lotus Nei Gong Cardiff Facebook page

Push hands practice

I will be holding practice sessions over the year in push hands at various locations. Tui Shou is a must for the serious study of Taijiquan. Please check on the Lotus Nei Gong Cardiff Facebook page for news and updates.



If you have any injuries or medical issues that you think could be a problem, please check with your GP first or let me know, ideally before you start. Nei Gong and some Qi Gong work can carry a very slight risk to some people due to the energetic changes that take place, especially if you go deeper into the process. So to be over cautious I don't teach the following people in the list below. If you are affected by any of these issues, then Taijiquan would be much better choice for you. Have chat with me first. 

  • If you have a Lymphoma type Cancer. 

  • Under 18 years of age: there's a lot of emotional development going on during childhood and teenage years and we don't want to cause the natural development to be hindered in any way.

  • Pregnant women: again there is a great deal of change going on in a woman's body and we don't want to alter any natural development taking place at this time. 

  • People with a history of a serious mental illness: (such as Schizophrenia) working with the mind in Nei Gong may have a detrimental effect on someone who has a serious mental illness. I'm not talking about anxiety or stress related issues, but illnesses such as schizophrenia or psychotic disorders.

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